Monday, April 12, 2010

How Do You Tuck in a superhero?, Rachel Balducci

This book is honestly not at all what I expected, but it was a sweet book all the same. Instead of being a book about what God has revealed to her through motherhood about this wonderful but sometimes overwhelming task, it is a book filled with stories about being a mother. There is little if any reference to God at all.

I did find the stories cute and funny, and would compare this somewhat to a chicken soup book. I feel each mother on earth could relate to the stories contained here in some aspect. I even wondered at times, while reading it, why I haven't written a book like this about being a Pastor's wife and home school mom of 4: I could easily fill 200 pages with delightful stories about our ministry, home school and 4 children. My life is a new adventure every morning - I just thank God that I have my adventure to live. I thing this type of book is certainly needed to lighten the mood on the rainy days of motherhood when you wish that you could run away to Wal-Mart (as sad as that seems) or get lost in the washer like socks - when your ready to fall on your knees from exhaustion and afraid to look in the mirror for fear that your hair has completely turned grey from all the heart-stopping "adventures" of motherhood. It is always an encouragement to know that you are not alone in this season that has wild days, and peaceful ones as well. These days, however, are a season of life and each should be treasured. Too soon this season will fade into another and our adventures in the trenches of motherhood will find us on the side lines of adult children awaiting the peace of grand parenthood.

So with all being said, Thank you Rachel using the gifts and talents God has given you to write this truly delightful book of stories that will lighten the mood and remind the tired mom to laugh at this time and hang in there.

Check your local bookstores for your copy of this wonderful book.

Thank you Revel books for this review copy - it is a blessing to be able to review books for you.

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