Monday, May 10, 2010

Building Faith At Home, Mark Holmen

Subtitled "Why Faith At Home Must Be your Church's #1 Priority", this book hits the nail on the head. There has risen a generation that does not feel equipped to carry the faith on at home. Fewer families meet for dinner around the same table much less pray together or have devotional time together. In fact this can sound a bit overwhelming to most people, as they never experienced this as a child and have no idea how to do it as an adult. Yet this is the very principle God gave to us in the bible that we should speak the scripture day and night to our children. As our society has shifted to an ever more me-centered, activity-minded, success-driven society Jesus has been pushed from the head of the house to the last in line. The focus has turned from passing on a legacy of faith that is lived out in daily life to keeping up with everyone else and being "involved". This book encourages Pastor's and laymen on how to equip, empower, and encourage parents in living out their faith. It gives practical ideas on how to live out the faith they confess. I encourage leaders to read this book and the book titled "Take it Home" by this same author. In fact why not pick up the easy to read small Faith at home devotionals for moms, dads? These little books are great resources to hand out to parents!
Thank you Mark Holmen for using the talents God has given you to put into writing the concerns of what has been on the hearts of so many of us in ministry!! I appreciate you and highly reccommend your books to all seeking to learn more and do things differently!
Thank you Regal Publishing for this review copy.

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