Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Six Pillars of Biblical Power, John Rankin

Excellent book of apologetics! If you can grasp these six areas of God's character you can defend the faith any day on any front. I found the author to be a bit wordy at times, the book could have been much shorter. However, I enjoyed it very much. He was very thorough about teaching each point so that all people, at any spiritual maturity, could glean something. Worth reading more than once for sure. I even went back over certain pages to make sure I hadn't missed anything. One thing I really like a lot was the way Mr Rankin would define words by their root origins in Latin, Hebrew, and Greek. This was often surprising as sometimes the actual meanings did not line up with the way we use the word in modern day English. This clarified much scripture. Would be an excellent homeschoolers resource for the story-line of the bible, history, math and science. I loved his comparison of music, math, and the poetry of the bible: WONDERFUL! All of his teaching just shows the majesty of our Creator and how all things tie together in such a way that His existence is simply undeniable.

thank you Regal for this review copy.

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