Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amish Proverbs

Delightful book! This is a great gift book or a book for personal use. I am a mother of 4 and found within its pages new ways to say old things. Sometimes changing the way things are said drastically change the effect on people and the reaction that you get. For instance I loved the proverb, "Tackle the problem not the person". This is very useful when fights among the brothers over things get out of hand. It is a lot better than scolding for the 3rd or 4th time "DO NOT HIT!!!". In fact in gives them a common thing to "beat up" - the problem. The other I like is "Two can not argue if one will not", I am constantly telling my children to speak kindly, to not respond if the battle is not the Lord's (if the outcome will have no eternal signifigance or if you are out just to prove you are right). I found the book encouraging and entertaining. I have picked it up more than once and read it through. I can remember my parents telling me when someone teased or said something ugly to me "Consider the source and pray for the person, you have not walked their road". This was to remind me that I do not know what a person has faced or is facing that might have provoked their unkind speech and spirit, but kindness covers many things.
Thank you Revell Books for this review copy.

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