Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Seeker, Anne Gabhart

The Seeker, Anne Gabhart
This is most certainly one of my favorite love stories! The main character is a southern belle who’s world is turned upside down when the man she is engaged to breaks the engagement to enter a Shaker community. This same night she meets her father’s new wife and an artist hired to paint a portrait of the new Mistress of the Plantation. What more could happen to a young lady in one day?! Unsure of her future, unsure of her identity, and unsure of position in life she begins a journey with her personal maid that will transform her earthly and spiritual life as well. Seeking to find answer to where she fits into life, and who God really is, and to escape the hand of her step-mother she enters the Shaker Community with her personal slave. Prompted by the protection that the community offers her and her maid she begins a journey that will forever change her life. The characters in this book are so real, their plight so believable that I found it difficult to put the book down. I was immediately drawn into their world as they struggled through life seeking out the answers to the questions that gnawed at the center of their hearts – did love matter or even really exist, where was God when bad things happened – did he even exist or care and if he did where did he fit in – was God a personal God able to love and bless, and what was her purpose in life? I especially liked the fact that the love story was not based on continual physical interaction or feelings of emotional context, but rather it unfolded through the blooming of a personal relationship based not on emotional things, but on truly getting to know the other person. In fact very few times did the two ever see each other, the relationship was developed through correspondence closely monitored by the Shakers. I wonder how many women (and men alike) would not benefit from such monitoring of their relationships – so as to allow God to unfold loves tapestry. In all of it our main character finds peace in God and the true love her heart desired (first from God, second from man). I absolutely loved this story. In fact I am late in writing the review because immediately upon finishing it I handed it off to another lady and did not take down the date to post the review. Truly a riveting and moving love story, highly recommended.
Thank you Revell for this review copy.

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