Monday, September 27, 2010

Everyday life with the Four Amigos

My Children are a constant source of joy, and every other emotion known to man. I can remember praying when I found out I was pregnant with Anna for patience. I now tell women never to ask for this during the season of motherhood - - - just let it develop naturally. You don't need to pray for it! God has most certainly put me to the test. When asked how I handle all four I tell people I spend a lot of time in front of my dryer. You see in the season of my life there is no such thing as a prayer closet (mom's don't get private time). Early morning devotional time - - - forget that, if I roll over in bed all four heads pop up in the bedrooms to see what I'm about to do. Uninterrupted late night devotional? - - who ever heard of that. My kids suddenly develop growing pains, throat aches, sleeping problems, stomach aches, all that need my undivided attention and prayer. So my time with the Lord is folding clothes - - The kids run from that, no one wants the task of putting up towels, and socks and unders. Mysteriously during this time my children focus intently on home school or play silently and sweetly in the playroom so as not to draw attention to themselves. I have to pass this on though - when I become overwhelmed at being a mom I stop and give thanks for this brief season of life. Too quickly it will be over: no more feet to rub, no more foreheads to kiss, no more small bodies to scoop up into hugs, no more snotty noses wiped on my clean apron, no more fights, or messes, or mountains of laundry or gooey messes in carpets. So thank you Lord for inconveniences and troubles, and trying days - They make my snuggle days all the more dear. Take time today to tell your children how much you love them, how precious they are. Even if they are grown they need your affirmation: they need to know how proud you are of them. God never tires of us from the day we breath our first breath to the moment we take our last, in good times and bad, when we're wayward or obedient, when we are close and in fellowship or when we're silent and away. He still whispers his love, surrounds us with blessings, opens his arms, extends his hand, holds us close, lifts us up. So should we not do this with our own children? Scripture admonishes us not to "withhold good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it" (Proverbs 3:27). Today make a point to send a 'love letter' to your child, a 'just in case you were wondering' letter to let them know you love them and are praying for them. Give praise for some good quality you see in them. Be creative, email, text, send them a card, do a random act of kindness...

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