Monday, December 13, 2010

Focus on the Family Womens Series Group Starter Kit

If you are looking to start a Women's Ministry or just looking for new material this is the kit you need. The price of this kit is a bargain compared to many bible study kits on the market - I think it is an excellent price considering the added resource material included with the bible studies. The resources are invaluable to a ministry. The first resource book included is "Women's Ministry Guide" in this book you are given tips and tools for starting a women's ministry or for adding to an already existing one. I really enjoyed this book and found it useful from a Pastor's wife's perspective as it gives creative ideas for reaching out to women. The other resource book is "Crafts and Activities for Women's Group" this is filled with all kinds of activities sorted by season. These would be great for ice-breakers or to use at the conclusion of a meeting. The crafts are all easy to moderately easy and can be completed in a short amount of time. They would also be good for older children. I am going to use this with our two oldest kids for art projects. There are four bible studies included each designed to last 4 weeks. I am working on these for myself but have recommended that we work through them in our Women's bible study starting in January. The fact that they are only four weeks long makes them great - most people can commit to four weeks at a time. I have read through all the studies and found them all to be excellent. I really love the format and very much enjoyed the study Healing the Heart because it deals with recognizing the effects of sin (both our own and others) on our lives and the importance of forgiveness. Each chapter or weeks lesson has four sections so a section could be worked each day making it last 4 days and giving 3 days to apply the challenge of the week. I worked all four sections in one day - as it did not take that long (about 45 minutes plus prayer time). The scripture used is excellent and the questions make one stop and consider the subject. All studies include Scripture for memorization and prayer prompts. I found it very useful and informative.

Thank you Regal for this review copy.

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