Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jesus In the Present Tense, Warren W. Wiersbe

I look forward to reading anything this author writes. I think he is one of my favorite bible teachers and commentators of this time. This book is about the I AM statements of Christ. It is absolutely powerful and compelling. If a person can read this and be totally unaffected I would wonder how. An experience with Christ demands a response - and this book brings the reader face to face with the great I AM! From the old testament all the way through the new Dr Wiersbe exposes these life-changing statements and exposes the foundational truths found in them. By doing so he enables the reader to become fully grounded in truth of Christ. This enables them to be consumed by this mighty God and to be changed, free to live and serve the way you were created to.

Excellent for personal growth or group study.

Thank you B&B Communications for this review copy.

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