Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life in the Balance, Joni Eareckson Tada

This is an amazing bible study. Joni addresses the tough issues with the irrefutable truth of the Word. I think that Joni has done an excellent job rightly dividing the Word and exposing the truth about the tough issues like abortion, autism, violence, self-image, eugenics and genocide, stem cell debate, and other often sticky issues of today. These are the ones that no one really wants to address in the "politically correct" climate of today's religious institutions. Yet these are the issues that are tearing apart America. They are the silent killers. Many Christians face these very things and feel that there are no answers. As unplanned pregnancies were the "no talk" subject of days gone by these are the ones that no one really wants to talk about today. I think it would amaze most people that within their own churches there is someone sitting in a pew next to them that is wrestling with these very things. They think that there is no forgiveness, weighted down by despair. This study gives the hope that is only found in Christ. As with all things Joni Eareckson Tada handles these topics with love and grace.

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