Saturday, March 19, 2011

Falling Through Ice, Carolyn Huebner Rankin with Rosetta D. Hoessli

This is a True Story about Carolyn Huebner Rankin founder of Texas Child Search Inc. This book is a dramatic story about the redemptive powers of Christ's love. I will say up front that there was profanity and graphic themes of abuse in this book. There for I would not recommend it to those with weak stomachs. In fact I found it very difficult to go to sleep the night I finished the book. Carolyn was a woman who had been deeply wounded and abused as a child. In an effort to deal with this abuse and her turbulent childhood she supressed these memories. However, in her adult life this came back to haunt her. The lesson learned is that in order to be free we must accept Christ and the forgiveness found with Him alone. Carolyn Huebner Rankin's book is one of a journey. She came from a bitter background, sustained a semi-normal life until pressures and memories brought her to a breaking point. At this time she became involved in a plot to have her own husband killed. I am glad that Ms. Huebner reveals in her book her responsiblity concerning her actions and is candid about her road to forgiving herself and those who harmed her. Though life is difficult and circumstances come against us that are beyond our control we each must take responsibility for our actions.
Thank you PrimeStar Publicity for this review copy. Book printed by Crossover Publications

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