Thursday, March 10, 2011

Give Your Kids the Keys, Adam Stadtmiller

This is a very interesting book. I will say this is the first book published by Gospel Light that I can't just give rave reviews on. Although I agree with living radical faith, fully relying on God; I can't agree fully with all of Mr. Stadtmiller's opinions on how to accomplish this. His over-arching goal in this book, I believe, is to encourage parents to parent without fear. I do not agree however that parenting without fear means to throw off all caution or concern when it comes to raising our children under the anthem "God has not given us a spirit of fear". As for his beliefs that public school is the best mission field - I agree. However, I do not call home school families scared parents or overly protective. I can not say that "navigating" our children through watching Twighlight or other things in the name of preparing them to be in the world is the best approach. The bible clearly charges us to RUN from certain things. This word alone would give a person the impression that you are to avoid participating in these things are becoming familiar with them lest you too fall into 'diverse temptations'. I train my children to approach the things of this world with the discernment of the scripture holding tightly to the scriptures that admonish us to study, meditate and speak about the laws of the Lord that we can each be successful in all we do and what we do. In this way I believe my children will live out radical faith without being submersed in the profane lifestyles that are prevalent in today’s society.
Thank you Gospel Light for this review book. I am ever grateful for your endeavor to print good and wholesome material. Though I do not agree fully with this author I will not say that some of the things he presents are not worth considering in light of the scriptures.

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