Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fine Art of Insincerity, Angela Hunt

Three sisters, nine husbands between them, secrets and regrets all collide in this riveting novel by Angela Hunt.

This novel deals with a myriad of issues - in fact I was surprised by how thoroughly each of the characters were developed and how vivid their issues were presented. Three sisters raised part time by a grandmother who was married numerous times come together to clean out her house. Little did any of them know that this one weekend would change their lives forever. That for the first time they will be forced to drop pretenses and face the pain of tragedy in their lives.

Ginger thinks she has her life all put together - everything in its place. She sees her sisters as her responsibility - but then why shouldn't she. After her mother's death she was their care-giver.

Penny is the epitome of southern charm and at 49 years old still looks fit and in shape. Searching for love, romance and happiness she changes husbands like she changes shoes - always finding that they just don't fit right. Following in her grandmother's footsteps she justifies each divorce and remarriage. Bored with her seemingly dull husband she is on the prowl again.

Rosie, the youngest of the three is desperately searching for her grandmother's secret for hanging on. A thick impenetrable cloud of despair has beaten her down. She arrives at the cottage that weekend with plans of her own. Detached and set on saying her farewells she spends her time dropping hints to her sisters.

Ginger's life is devastated by a painfully close deception, Penny's version of truth is challenged and she is forced to make a choice, and Rose must finally decide to face her deepest hurt or perish to it.

In their grandmother's album the girls find a truth about God that will set them free from the bondage each of them is tied to.

"I came her hoping to find Grandma's survival secrets. Maybe the biggest of them has been staring me in the face for a long time....."

I received this book from Glass Roads Publication. Special thanks to the publisher, Howard, and Glass Roads Publications for this review copy.

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