Thursday, June 9, 2011

What the Bible Is All About 102

I love this new series that Gospel Light is printing. I first reviewed "What the Bible is All About 101" and loved it. So I was excited to see that the series has 102 and 202 and 201!

This book covers Job through Malachi. Each session begins with a preview of the books for that session and key bible verses. It is very helpful to have the book What the Bible is All About as this assigns reading from this book (also a delightful and intriguing book to own and read). I liked this section because it encourages the reader to study different passages of scripture and thereby helps to instill God's word in the heart. The next part is called "God's Story" this takes you through what the purpose of the books are and the over all story that God is telling us through the time and ages. Section two deals with God's person and what He is revealing about Himself through the books being studied. Section three is God's Son and deals with how this ties to the person of Jesus Christ and the importance of that for us.

There are worksheets to further your understanding. I think the material is suited for older elementary, Middlers and Junior High Students. Though I would not limit it to these ages groups as I believe it to be equally good for High school, young adult and adult. Who couldn't deal with a good dose of bible basics. Most people only remember the stories of the bible but often miss the underlying meaning and the true depth and breadth of God's everlasting word.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy

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