Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Women Worship, Amie Dockery

It seems that worship has become, like so many other things, a little refined by rules and traditions. The true act of worship seems to be lost to so many.

In this book Amie Dockery and Mary Alessi help women discover the true meaning of worship: intimacy with God. This most sacred relationship is forsaken due to shame, regret, past abuse, feeling unworthy. We have built up walls and made a list of reasons we do not deserve fellowship with the Lord. Yet His deepest desire is just that - a close fellowship with us - a transparent, intimate relationship.

When you begin looking at the truth of worship you will be invited into a new relationship with Christ and discover the courage to face all the things that have kept you out of the courts of worship and praise - out of the very presence of God. Here in His presence you will experience a love like no other and healing.

I enjoyed the stories of women who had experienced just this. Not a a how to but of things you must do, but rather a testimonial of how great God's love is and what a difference He makes. I challenge you to take another look at worship - find healing, peace, love, completeness and your identity in the one who created you. Release His power into your life!

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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