Thursday, November 29, 2012

Graceful, Emily P. Freeman

The author of Grace For the Good Girl (the "Big Girl" version of this book) has written a book for teen girls that will impact a generation of up and coming women to become the very best that God has for them. The message of finding your identity in Christ can be preached from the pulpit and taught in a classroom but it must become real for each young lady. In this book Emily Freeman does just that. I enjoyed Grace for the Good Girl and this is no different. Being involved in women's ministry the main thing I see is a lack of understanding of our true identity. I hear the broken hearts of women question their value, their worth and who they truly are in light of the secular world's standards. They fail to see that they are loved beyond measure, beautiful to their Father and are in fact the very apple of his eye. I would recommend this book for any parent with a teen and for grandparents wanting to give a gift of encouragement to their granddaughters. I would go even farther to say that youth pastors and leaders ought to invest in a copy to read for themselves and a few to keep on hand to to give to many of the youth girls in the groups they lead. The writing style of this author is friendly, warm and easy to follow. Furthermore, Emily Freeman connects with the younger generation because of her candor and non-judgmental compassion. This is a wonderful book and resource. Thank you Revell for this free review copy!

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