Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Thousand Sleepless NIghts, Micael King

This book resonates with the heartache of a family on the brink of extinction. It grips at the heart of the reader, drawing them into the story making it personal, real and ever close to heart. As the characters are built in the first few pages the reader can not help but be drawn into their world. Be prepared to cry and cry some more. Be prepared to have a heaviness of heart and then to find breathing room as love brings an unshakable peace. Nena and Jim were a couple who's love was questioned in the beginning. But against all odds they married and had children. Thus the agony of dysfunction begins. The heartache of broken dreams, built up defenses, shattered lives, forgotten loves, unforgiveness. As her children leave home and she is left with only her husband, Nena finds out that she has cancer. Will grace and forgiveness come too late or will this family be reconciled with peace and love? This is a book that a reader will be thinking of long after the last page is read. Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.

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