Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Christian Mama's Guide to Baby's First Year, Erin Macpherson

The second in the series of 'Christian Mama's Guide' series and it is also a great book! Again, Erin chronicles her own experiences and those of friends and family. This first year of motherhood - quite what we all expected - just be honest. Each new mother envisions motherhood through rose colored glasses with high expectations of a perfectly behaved baby, easy nursing (or bottle-feeding), no diaper rashes or sleepless nights. I have been there (more than once) and have been ever grateful to the break in the day to day tasks for a laugh at this season. This author has a way of bringing the sun to rainy days of motherhood, of bringing the sound of laughter in the middle of the storms of motherhood. All mothers at some point feel inadequate to the task, overwhelmed by the tasks of running a household on a very limited amount of sleep. In this book Erin explores the topic of baby sleep - yep that ever tiring struggle of getting that bundle of joy to sleep through the night (you know when you reach this point you are one Awesome mom!), breast feeding and bottle feeding, weight loss and neat ideas to burn those extra calories, and time management. And yes, she does it in an unbiased totally sweet way. In fact reading this made me smile more than once as I reflected those moments of first time motherhood when I sat deflated on the floor in the middle of a pile of unfolded laundry with a cranky baby on my lap and spit up on my clothes. Oh, and what about those sleepless nights of floor-walking, baby bouncing and trying to mix a bottle in the middle of the night because nursing did not work out. I would have greatly appreciated this book in that first year - just so I could have had a "girl-friend" that understood this totally un-done time of my life. So I laughed on these reflections, and made a mental note to buy this book along with the others for the next baby shower I attended. Thanks again to the publisher - Thomas Nelson and the author for this review book.

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