Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Am Ruth, Kenneth Berg, Brenda Duff

Experience the beautiful and captivating story of Ruth like never before. The cover of this book is stunning! This is a new title of Master Books publishing - a story of loss, love, and redemption. The story of Ruth has captivated and entranced many a generation of bible readers. This one woman changed the course of history because of her heart to love and follow a God that she had not known as a child. She is the picture of the gentile believer coming to know the compassionate creator - her child like faith and desire to be in God's family is an example for all believers. I have always loved to look back over this story of a woman who left everything behind and embraced God. She was not defined by her heritage but took on a new identity in God's family. Because of her obedience, her faith, her courage, her love she was grafted into the line of Christ. This book captures the heart of this story through amazing photography and text. The reader is able to put a "face" to the name of Ruth. They are able to step back into time and experience her life. As a coffee table book or a bible study this book is sure to spark some interesting conversation. It will inspire the believer to lay it all down to follow in God's amazing plan. Little did Ruth know that by following her mother-in-law and clinging to God that she would be woven into the tapestry of an amazing story that would change man-kind. And so it is with every person who turns their heart toward God - we become a part of an amazing story. We can not know, just as Ruth did not know, what impact our faith will have on future generations. Through her story we can learn to live out a faith that is pure and filled with love. Thanks to Master Books for this review copy.

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