Thursday, March 27, 2014

What is Your Worldview? , James N. Anderson

Beyond mere Apologetics for the sake of argument. Beyond just a simple statement of his "side" of the hot topic. James N. Anderson takes a unique, interactive approach to Apologetics that causes the reading to think on their own and draw a conclusion. His approach draws the reader into thinking for themselves and seeing that the Christian world view does have relevance that is undisputed and shows the unshakable truth of the bible. I am simply a home school mom and Sunday School Teacher with no theological or seminary background so I will not use large words to describe the book. I have however, as a Pastor's wife who's husband holds two Masters read tons of books on this subject as he has studied through his course work and as we have began to teach our children along their educational pathway. It has been core to our home school to center our teaching on a biblical world view that is counter to that which is being taught in the public schools. The reason being that at the center of everyone's life is their view of the world - how it was created, why it was created, the purpose. What world view you hold then determines your thoughts on morals, values, and such. It is the plumb line by which you model your decisions, and by which you judge things that are happening around you. This book is one that reads like a "choose your own ending" book which allows the reader to answer a question truthfully and then explore that answer. Ultimately the book brings the reader to see the consistant and inerrant truth of the bible and a biblical worldview. I found this book to be one of the easiest books on Apologetics to read for just about any age level.

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