Monday, September 1, 2014

Spiritual Warfare Jesus' Way, Larry Richards

Over the years I have amassed a number of books dealing with spiritual warfare, prayer and even the deliverance ministry. A subject that some delve too deeply in - to the point they see demons every where, yet many also are the other extreme - staying too far away from understanding it to be prepared for attacks. Larry Richards has written a short concise book dealing with the subject of spiritual warfare. He acknowledges that "spiritual warfare is a complex is a complex and often overlooked aspect of our Christian faith" (page 9; Preface). He then goes on to show how a Christian can recognize a spiritual attack and then how to combat it. I appreciate this book in the fact that it approaches the topic from the teaching, life and ministry of Jesus - How he dealt with the spiritual world. Too many Christian are not proactive in spiritual warfare for what ever reason. I believe the primary reason is that they are ill-informed and because of that they are a little scared or put off by the subject. This author has done an excellent job at exposing the truth of scriptures and how to apply them to ones life in daily spiritual warfare. Thanks to the author for this easy to read and understand book. Thanks to the publisher for this free review copy.

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