Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Women's Bible Study

If you are interested in a truly inspiring bible study about your importance to an almighty God this is a must have. Jennifer Rothschild's Fingerprints of God will inspire you to live a life of victory in the middle of the trials you face. This bible study was a revelation of the wonder of our God and his deep love for each person he so tenderly created. It is one that will open your eyes to the miracles of everyday life that are so often overlooked and written off as a mere coincidence. After reading this my eyes were opened to how God's "fingerprints" are all around me and on all aspects of my life. I have not laughed and cried more doing any other recent bible study. Many times my life seemed to be written out right in front of me on the pages I was reading. It is filled with scripture from both the old and new testement so be ready to dig deep into the richness of God's word and have it revealed to you in a new and exciting way! I encourage you to pick up a copy and begin this study right away - your life will never be the same.

Author: Jennifer Rothschild
Title: Fingerprints of God
Publisher: LifeWay
ISBN: 1-4158-2088-0

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