Monday, February 1, 2010

Take It Home, Mark Holmen

Take It Home, Mark Holmen
This is an excellent church resource. It is great for any church looking to make the family ministry central in the church. If your church has a heart for the family, as all churches should, this book is a must. Many families feel ill-equipped to present the gospel and lead worship time in their own homes. Many in the current generation have not experienced a home life where bible reading and devotion time is central to the family structure. The families of today are over extended in many aspects, they are rushed to and fro with extra-curricular activities, work and school. This resource offers ways to equip the family as to how to integrate these things into their lives. It presents activities that will inspire families to seek the face of God and pass on a legacy and heritage of a Christ centered life. As I looked through these pages I could not help recalling the story of the eunuch when asked if he understood what he read – His response was simple “How can I unless someone explain”. This book does just that by offering guidance in several areas such as blessing your child, and family devotions, talking to your teen about life issues and using the bible as your source of instruction. Highly recommended.
Thank you Regal Publishing for providing this review copy.

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  1. You have been super busy! I'm looking forward to checking out some of your recommendations.