Saturday, March 20, 2010

What the bible is about for Moms

What the Bible is About For Moms, Kathy Pride
Thank you Kathy Pride for this delightful devotion, this should be a must read for all moms. For the sake of writing the review I read through this quickly the first time. I am now on my second reading of this devotional. It contains 66 chapters/devotions – one for each of the books of the bible. They are broken down into small easy to read parts that could be taken daily throughout the week or in small parts over the course of the day. I loved the fact the she brought forth a truth essential to mothering from each book of the bible: clearly showing God did in fact write us a “parenting manual”. Each chapters opens with a down-to-earth commentary style overview of the book to be studied. This is followed by Mom Moments, selected scripture readings for that book. These are small enough to sneak in throughout the day for even the busiest moms. I really appreciated this as I am a homeschooling mom of 4 children under the age of 8. It made an easy way to get scripture throughout the day and end the day re-reading the chapter/devotion. There was also one scripture especially selected from the book that dealt specifically with a mom theme. I really enjoyed the candidness of Kathy Pride in the Mama Mia section – a short devotion story about being a “real” mom not a “Martha Stewart meets June Cleaver Super Mom”. Finally are the Musing for moms; these are very thought provoking questions sometimes requiring prayer and soul searching. This is a great book and would make an excellent baby shower gift. I t is really one that should be on every mother’s shelf.
Thank you Regal/Gospel Light Publishing for this free review copy.

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