Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coached for Life, Ed Flaherty

Inspirational and heartwarming, challenging and inspiring.
I am not a huge sports fan and could not tell you the first thing about football. I am however keenly aware as a former coach's wife of the impact a coach has on His players. This is an often untapped mission field - over-looked and forgotten. It is during this period of my husband's life, before surrendering to full time ministry, that we saw Christ's love and testimony being taught through him in the public school. The impact of a Coach's leadership and life on the children he coaches is often life-changing, life-directing, and purpose-given. I have seen children that had nothing to live for no direction in life become better students and college oriented, goal oriented and Christ directed at the end of their time under the leadership of my husband. I am always glad to see imprint such testimonies as these. I would suggest this book for everyone - especially the coach who struggles against the politics of his field to continue teaching life changing principles to the children that hang on his every word and see him as their hero and leader.
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