Thursday, May 27, 2010

Warrior Chicks, Holly Wagner

Loved It! I am a firm believer of being a warrior for God - and am blessed to be married to a man that has invited me into the battles of the kingdom work instead of confining me to the boundaries of home. This book encourages a woman to embrace her identity in Christ - recognizing that we have a unique battlefield to fight on - and fight we must! It is written in a conversational stye that I found engaging and hummorous. This may cause some people difficulty in reading if they are used to a more traditonal writing style. It is like having a conversation with a girlfriend. I could almost hear the author's voice and excited passion of this subject as I read it. This book most certainly awakens the inner warrior that often lays hidden and asleep in the deepest part of the women's heart.
Thank you Regal for the review copy.

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