Monday, May 10, 2010

A Woman After God's Heart, Women of the Word

Thank you Regal Publishing for this review copy!

I have truly enjoyed this bible study. It is meant to be an 8 week course, but I often found myself doing a weeks work in one day - broken into small pieces over the day. It is not divided into daily sections instead it is divided into four section for each of the 8 chapters. It is a very in-depth bible study that requires a person to look up numerous scripture references. I enjoyed this because it challenged me to dig deep into the scripture, to pray about what God had for me in that scripture and to study. This approach draws you into a closer relationship with Christ instead of you depending on a dvd fill-in-the-blank approach to scripture study that depends on the revelation of someone else on what scripture means. This is a great study....can't wait to do more in this series!

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