Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out of the Spin Cycle, Jen Hatmaker

Do you need a good laugh? A dose of mom humor when your well has run dry? If your like me it's nice to know your not alone in motherhood. I really enjoyed this book. Jen Hatmaker has the same take I do on mothering and the honesty to admit she's not perfect! As a Pastor's wife I have often had the added pressure of my husband's "title" to have "perfect" children. God has, however, given me a sense of humor. When one of my children peed on the tree on the front lawn of the church (my oldest boy who at the time was only two) I told those standing around with a smile and laugh that I was still working on converting him from his heathen ways. I could relate all too well (being a mother of 4) to most of her stories! This is an encouraging book for mother's in the all too short season of motherhood. Lighten up, enjoy, before too long they won't be around to be your entertainment!
Thank You Baker Publishing and revell for this review copy!

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