Saturday, July 24, 2010

In a Heartbeat, Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy

This is the personal story of the Touhy family that inspired the book and movie The Blind Side. It was extremely interesting to get to know the people behind this story. I think that there is a misperception of them in that it is easy to write off their act of goodwill as simply because of their financial resources. I challenge Christians not to use their lack of finances as an excuse to act charitably to those around them. I would also like to interject that it is never easy nor comfortable (no matter your financial status)to open your home to those in need. Furthermore, From personal experience, God always provides the means and way to accomplish the tasks he has set us to. I do not believe that the Tuohy's did what they did seeking any recognition - I believe they saw a need and had the means to meet that need and did just that. Had Micheal Oher not made the NFL no one would have heard or cared about this story - in fact similar stories happen all the time. They are, however, especially, inspiring when something "big" (by the world's standards) comes of them. I think it is evident that although God had a plan for the Tuohy's to follow (helping Micheal) the greater plan may have been for Micheal to help the Tuohy's . Good book, good read. Thank you B&B Communications

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