Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Hands, Two Hands, Max Lucado

One Hands, Two Hands – Max Lucado
The colorful, kid-friendly, lively illustrations alone make this book a gem! Birds and dogs, bunnies and bears, kittens and frogs, a skunk and a girl grace every delightful little page. So much activity and color gave my kids things to point out and talk about on each page. Following each simple verse of rhyme we would discuss the activity of the page. My two and three year old eagerly acted out each part: “one right, One Left, One here, One there. Clap ‘em, snap ‘em, wave ‘em in the air.” Even my nine and six year old got in on some of the action! By the end of this delightful story your children will see how helpful and wonderful their little hands can be. They will see that hands are created by God for many, many things. Most importantly they were created for prayer and service of Go. The last page is a breakdown of ideas for little hands: how they can be helpful, kind, and loving. Ending with a challenge for little one to list ways they can use their hands for good.
Thank you Booksneeze for this review copy.

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