Friday, October 15, 2010


Get Marked! Be a part of a new movement, a revolution. The new MEND MARK bracelet is designed to look like the nail holes of Jesus. A constant physical and visual reminder of the great sacrifice that was given for each of us. This bracelet is also an excellent witnessing tool! Because of the uniqueness of the design it causes people to ask questions and gives the wearer an opportunity to share the great love of Jesus Christ. I was so excited to receive an email from B&B Communications that shared about this movement. This is a way for believers to share the gospel and to be reminded constantly who they belong to. Christ bore each of our sins on the cross, sometimes we forget the magnitude of such an act. Not only this but Jesus walked in humility and love and acted with compassion and concern for a lost and dying world. Often reaching out to the insignificant, the outcast, the forgotten, the "unsavable", and always the unworthy. I was one of those that Jesus thought of on the Cross as he looked out through time and eternity - and you were too. What an excellent way to show your love of Christ than to bear a mark of His.

A portion of the cost of the bracelets goes to support Living Water International which builds wells.

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