Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Town of Bethlehem, dvd

Produced by EGM and directed by Jim Hanon this documentary of present day Bethlehem was extremely informative. The thrust of the film is conflict resolution without violence in an area that is peppered daily with violence and poverty. In the midst of this chaotic world there are people trying to make a difference. The story follows three men from three very different backgrounds: Sami Awad, a Palestinian; Yonatan Shapira, an Isreali; Ahmad Al'Azzah, a Palestinian Muslim refugee. All three are looking for peace in the place they call home. I must say that I did not realize how terrible the conditions truly still are. Some of the places shown where absolutely destitute and depressing. It really made me think of how blessed America really is and how much we take for granted. I think this would be an excellent home school resource and personal resource. It is a great way to introduce older children to the reality of other countries and the reality of the damage and destruction caused by war. To hear the true stories of these men as they tell about their families and their present struggles in this volatile society is to be convicted about the complacency that most christian live in. These are a people that have suffered and live in fear and uncertainty. These are a people surrounded by hate, distrust, and evil. They are calling for nonviolence and unity at the cost of their very lives.
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