Friday, November 26, 2010

100 Bible Verses everyone should know by heart, Robert J Morgan

In the preface to this book the author challenges the read to think of scripture memorization as "...a shopping spree for the mind, a chance to collect and store up treasures you'll enjoy for years." I love this statement as it is the truth of what is happening when we memorize God's word - it is truly life to the bones and a light unto the feet. Everyday we record and store up useless, vain information and sometimes even toxic information in the form of facts and statistic - sometimes without even realizing it. These things become embedded in our subconscious and thereby influence our thought process, our moods, our decision making and our reactions to the circumstances of our life. This book offers readers the opportunity to fill their mind with the truth.

The first chapters are very interesting. Pastor & author Robert J. Morgan gives readers the tools and confidence to effectively memorize scripture. He also shows through some very powerful stories the undeniable benefits of scripture memorization.

I really enjoy the fact that every verse is broken down into a type of devotional. It is explained so that the application of the verse and context of the verse is understood. This makes the verse easier to memorize because it becomes personal and applicable to the reader's life.

I found some of the facts very interesting - such as the fact that the bible in fact was written in such a way so as to encourage memorization. Deuteronomy 6 tells us to study scripture, post it on our doorpost and teach it to our children. In biblical times with the absence of the written word it was the task of parents to embed scripture into the very hearts of their children. Jewish children would memorize whole chapters and portions of books. Why then if this was an acceptable and attainable goal have we set our standards so low as to memorize only portions of scripture? It most certainly convicted me to be more diligent in the assignment of scripture to my children and myself - even audacious in it.

This is an excellent personal resource. Though I would go as far to say it ought to be a part of home school curriculum and would be even a useful tool for Sunday School teachers, youth workers, or children's workers.

Thank you B&H for this review copy.

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