Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busting Free, Neil T. Anderson and Dave Park

Based on Stomping out the Darkness and Bondage Breaker youth edition, this bible study helps youth work through discovering their identity in Christ in light of the scriptures. Why live in bondage to the lies and deception of the enemy when there is a life of freedom waiting? Excellent youth resource - this study empowers youth to achieve freedom by embracing their identity in Christ. I was so excited and intriqued by this study that I sat on our front porch one afternoon and read the entire study. The first page, a questionaire took me off gaurd but I as I read the study I found that Neil T. Anderson and Dave Park have accomplished something wonderful. I wish that such a study had been around when I was a youth - I would have had less lies of the enemy in my life that had been accepted as the truth. Give your youth the power to live victorious and free - in the full power of Christ. In addition to this study I highly recommend the afore mentioned books for youth to read. Although they are not necessary to complete the study they will provide additional resource and insight into the subject matter presented. Help youth break free from the bondages of the enemies and to recognize the lies and deceptions before they fall prey to them.
Thank you regal publishing for this review copy!

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