Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Life Book

This is a new movement to get bibles into the hands of highschool students accross our nation. I was shocked to learn, after visiting with a representative, that only 4-6% of high school students are bible believers!

This book is an excellent opportunity to get the gospel message out to these students. The beginning of the book is a short retelling of the Old Testement of the bible - pointing out the need for the savior and that all have sinned. This is followed with the entire book of John.

What makes this so neat is that the entire book has comments of other high school students. This makes it very interesting, especially for the student reading it.

After the book of John the salvation plan is presented.

This is a movement supported by the Gideon's International. Our youth group will be participating in a saturation week the beginning of the year. This is a one week mission where the students take The Life Book into their schools and distribute them to other students.

I strongly recommend that youth groups become involved - take a stand for the man who took a stand for you 2000 years ago!

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