Monday, December 13, 2010

Agents in Action

I love this! I had no problem getting my kids ready for this study. In fact as soon as they read the title and saw the front cover they were ready to ditch their other study to begin this one - but I made them complete the other first (and they enjoyed it). This is such a creative and interactive study about serving your family and others and about getting along. I don't know any kid that isn't interested in being a secret agent on a mission for God. The lessons have an option for older children and younger children this makes it extremely adaptable for all situations. I can teach my younger 2 the bible lesson while the older work on a different subject in school then I teach the older 2 the lesson for older children. It is nice that each lesson has snack suggestions and games or activities that are age appropriate. There are also activity pages or coloring sheets for each lesson. I give these pages as work for my children after they complete school as a way to reinforce the lesson later in the day. The children are really enjoying the studies. I have also enjoyed studying the lessons myself. Excellent for Sunday school, children's church or for bible study at home. We use these 13 week studies as our bible lessons for home school. These are good enough to use over later in the school year.

Thank you Regal for this review copy.

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