Saturday, December 4, 2010

What the Bible Is All About visual edition, Henrietta Mears

WOW! This is my third What the Bible is All About and this is wonderful. The book is compact enough to carry with me in my bible bag so that it is handy for use in my Sunday School class and Youth girls class (I also carry What the Bible is All About young explorers edition for my Sunday School class). When we recieved this in the mail my two sons (age 3 and 7) sat down on the couch and began looking at it. As with all the books in this edition it is extremely thourough in the breakdown of each book. I really enjoyed the fact that it also includes a reading plan for reading the bible through in one or two years. A description of the purpose and historical setting of each book is given. Then the book is grouped into like themed chapters and are explained. My boys loved the color pictures while I enjoyed the very detailed and descriptive maps. I found it to be a useful resource, but also an excellent supplement to bible study. I am working through Psalms with my children and found the information in this book to be very helpful. I think it would be excellent for the home school parent who is teaching bible as part of the curriculum. This book is a place that children can go to search out biblical facts and to strengthen their knowledge of the scriptures and purpose behind each book. Knowing the history and circumstances surrounding a book of scripture often brings clearer meaning to that scripture making it easier to apply it to ones life. You do not have to be a theological seminary student to understand, enjoy and benefit from this book - it is written at a very basic level and meant to be used by everyday people like me who long to have a deeper meaning of the Holy Word.

Thank you Regal Publishing for this review copy.

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