Saturday, January 15, 2011

Couples Who Pray, Squire Rushnell & Louise Duart

Written by a husband and wife team with the express goal of showing the importance of prayer within the institution of marriage this is a great little book. It is a 40 day challenge, much like the Love Dare, created as a challenge to do something new and dramatic in the marriage. So many marriages miss this most intimate and personal time for many different reasons. It seems that this very discipline has, in recent history, been shuffled out of the common marriage. We often find ourselves just to busy or too ashamed or embarrassed to pray with our spouses.
I enjoyed the personal stories that showed the benefits of prayer in marriage. These are compelling in proving the immeasurable power of God’s provision in all things. These also serve evidence to the power of God’s word unleashed in the believer’s life. Though a word of caution ought to be extended in the fact that God never promises to fix the broken marriage, or the wayward child, or to make your life all roses if you pray religiously. However, this is a discipline that every Christian couple should practice out of love for their spouse and God the Father. For in the sanctity of prayer that a new intimacy between God and individual, God and couple, and person to person is experienced.
Thank you Thomas Nelson for this review copy.

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