Sunday, January 16, 2011

Praying the Names of Jesus, Ann Spangler

Seeking a new view of Jesus? Seeking a closer relationship, a more intimate understanding of the Savior who chose you? Needing a refreshment in your spirit, a revival in your heart, a gust of air for a dying or flickering spiritual fire? This is the book for you. Ann Spangler put her heart into the writing of this book. And just as God does he allowed circumstances in Ann's life (as discussed in the Introduction) to test her heart knowledge of these names and the meaning of them in her life, applied to her heart. So this book is not just a woman telling another the head knowledge of these names, but a woman writing from the heart the meaning of these names or titles revealed in scripture.

I believe this book is life changing when approached with an attitude of worship, a heart anxious to hear the Father's whisper, a life surrendered to His will. Each of the 26 names discussed is set up as a week long study. I love this because for 7 whole days you focus on one amazing title and come to know Jesus in that roll. The first day is the introduction with scripture and meaning. Days 2-4 are days with devotionals, 5-7 more study and contemplation about what that name/title means in your life and how it is applicable to you.

Coming face to face with the Savior demands response. A most powerful and compelling book.

Thanks to Zondervan for this review copy.

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