Thursday, January 27, 2011

Targets Down, Bob Hamer

This was my first FBI suspense novel and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I’ve never really been a fan of James Bond so I did not know if I would like a book based on an FBI agent’s undercover story. I did not realize how much was involved in the undercover process or how much red tape there was. At one point I was frustrated for Matt as he needed to move forward with the case in order to preserve justice and yet to do so he would have to side-step the rules.
Robert Hamer did an excellent job of weaving into this story a faith in God that sustains us. I really appreciate the example of the power of prayer as Matt’s wife is continually praying for her beloved and for those in her life. I had never taken any part of Micah and memorized it, however toward the end of this novel I found myself being able to recall portions of this scripture. There truly is power and calmness in the Word – this is shown in this book at the very climax.
This is a wonderful book that most certainly would appeal to anyone that likes action and adventure. Though some of the book is set in a place of ill repute because of the criminal nature of it – the main character sets an example of walking in this world and not being conformed. (I also think the fact that he realized that his wife was at home praying for him to be delivered from the evil one kept him from any temptation that might come from his line of work as an undercover agent.)
Thank you B&H and the author for this review copy. I look forward to reading more from Robert Hamer.

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