Monday, February 14, 2011

Lady in the Mist, Laurie Alice Eakes

I loved this book! The characters are so lively and likable. I found myself wishing the best for all but one - a despicable, ill-tempered, evil-hearted man. As you pick up this book prepare for an adventure that is filled with a myriad of twists and turns. With each turn of the page I fought the urge to turn to the last page to see how it all ended. The love story is beautiful but even more so is the theme of ultimate redemption and the healing balm of forgiveness. Throughout this story is the truth that we can not work for our forgiveness but that it is a free gift from God - we must surrender and accept it.

Tabitha Eckles, the local midwife healer, holds the secrets of the town in her hands. A wounded spirit and broken heart have left her disillusioned with God. Little does she know that the laying in of one woman would set her on a path that would forever change her life.

Falling in love was never a part of the plan for Dominick Cherrett. On American soil as a bondsman this fallen son of an English lord is out to redeem his name. He is in search for the information that will help prevent a war between his beloved home and this American land.

Truly and amazing story. Filled with love, action, intrigue and mystery.

A must read.

Thank you Revell for this review copy

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