Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Living in the Overlap, Steve Schaefer

I must begin by saying that I admire this author for taking on this topic. I don't think I have read anything quite like it before though one other title comes close. He boldly and without apology attacks the question of how to live life in the overlap. The overlap being this time at present: after the death and Resurrection of Christ and the return. His book opens up the Word to give scriptural insight on how to live the abundant life in Christ now. I like the fact that within the first few pages he discredits the new age movement that has began to creep into the church under the guise of truth by using partial truth (this is still a lie, but rather deceptive in that it appears true to some). He clearly shows that the new age is NOT the age to come (Kingdom of God). This author takes the time to clearly define difficult or theological terms that some may not be familiar with or that may be confusing. His heart as a teacher clearly comes through in his writing. The richness of the truths that this author uncovers in the bible is brilliant. Learn to live an abundant life now in the kingdom. Most certainly a good resource and a great book to read to further your christian walk.

Thank you Glass Roads Publications for this review copy.

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