Thursday, February 17, 2011

Relating to God, Disciplemakers Vol. 1

This is a fun way to introduce discipleship without overwhelming a child. The interactive activities are wonderful. Gospel Light has produced a product that is very exciting and easy to use. I love the fact that there are no additional resources needed - it's all inclusive! There is information for teaching large or small groups, older and younger children. In addition there is a cd that weekly Take-Home Challenges that help the children and parents to work together. I think that it is excellent to have the praise music. What better way to get kids connected and excited than some good upbeat music they can relate to? This is most certainly a life changing study for children. I would recommend it for mid-week services or better yet for parents to use at home. The best disciple-maker is the family. I think the use of this kit would change the dynamics of a family unit simply because the study of God's word is life changing.
Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy

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