Monday, February 7, 2011

Secure Daughters, Confident Sons, Glenn T. Stanton

The lost art of authentic masculinity and femininity is rediscovered in this book. I think it is a much needed book in today's social climate of anything goes. The media portrays femininity in such a sleazy, trashy way that it makes me want to gag. And masculinity is so far from what is depicted in the bible that it is no wonder marriages and families fall apart every day. As the mother of daughters and sons this book is an encouragement and offers guidance in instilling the true definition of biblical manhood and womanhood.

I enjoyed how the author careful takes parents through the development of boys and girls and their hearts desires at certain ages. We all were children at one time, but being honest with ones self would be to admit we no longer remember clearly the things that we wanted. Nor do we remember in all clarity our struggles or difficulty in determining who we really were as young men and women. This book brings that all into a clear picture for parents. Wow! How could I have forgotten all that?

This is a helpful resource for every christian parent trying to navigate the gender confused waters of today. Every parent who desires to raise healthy, happy children who are confident in their prospective rolls as man or woman should go out and purchase this book immediately. The writing is personable and easy to read.

Thank you Multnamah for this review copy.

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