Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Artscroll English Tanach, The Jewish Bible

Wow what a resource! I have really enjoyed taking this bible out in comparison with my own. I enjoyed the different and more literal translation, although I will admit that sometimes it was a little shocking and at times it made me smile. The rabbinical teachings are wonderful. It most certainly opens up a new understanding of scripture and makes one more appreciative for the things God has given us in His word. I think this is an excellent resource for anyone that is interested in studying the Word. It brings about awareness of the Jewish culture and teachings that have been passed down for ages and generations that most modern Christians are unaware of. It will certainly challenge your thoughts on some scriptures while further strengthening your views of Christ. I did not find anything that was scripturally errant in this translation. In fact this reads much like a commentary bible.
thanks your to the publisher for this review copy.

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