Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beside Still Waters, Tricia Goyer

A life overshadowed with the weight of tragic events, Marianna tries to be the perfect daughter and perfect Amish child. This is an astounding book and offers a new view of the Amish community. Never had I realized the weight of what it must feel like to have to follow such strict rules (the ordnung) or how this would stifle ones spirit. Until reading this book the Amish had always been presented as dealing with tragedy with grace and mercy and love. However, in this story one sees the effects of the law on these people. There is no grace to be found only watchful eyes on every move. The Sommer family leaves their community for the Montana mountains seeking the truth and peace. This is the beginning of a redemption that only the realization of God's grace can bring. For the first time in her life Marianna is faced with decisions that will alter forever the course of her life. She must choose to follow God or to stick to the familiar life of her old Amish community - to embrace a personal relationship with the Creator or continue in the laws of the Amish. Absolutely beautiful! I can not wait for the second book in this series to be released. I want to see how this story continues to unfold!

An added surprise is the recipes in the back of the book. A lover a new recipes - this really appealed to me. My family loved the Amish casserole.

Thank you B&H Publishing for this review copy.

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