Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Place 4 Health

This is a great program. I have never felt that I was over-weight or battled with various diets or diet program. I chose to review this kit to see if it was beneficial to those who were trying to change their life-styles by eating healthy. Although, weight loss is a part of this program the main goal is a change of lifestyle not pant size. I have really enjoyed the scripture memorization because it has made me stop and think about things differently. I think one of the over-arching themes is to find satisfaction in Christ and contentment with Him. This being taught a person stops over-eating, eating for comfort, eating because of depression or what ever type of eating and begins seeing themselves as who they truly are - a temple of God and divinely created (and loved) by him. I think this will be a valuable tool for everyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you Regal/Gospel Light for this review kit.

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