Thursday, March 17, 2011

Preparig for Adolescence, James Dobson

This review is for the entire series called Preparing for Adolescence: The book, Family Guide, Group Guide and Family Cd's. Though each part of this can be used independently I recommend using it all together. The book is excellent, as are most of Dobson's parenting tools. This book addresses the concerns of this most turbulent age in childhood - that of becoming a young adult and leaving the time of being a child. I found it to be extremely helpful. The Family Guide is for use with your child and has many helpful ways to engage your child and keep communications open. The Group guide has further exercises and studies. I think the thing I liked most were the Cd's. The first one is for parents only - an overview of the study and encouragement for them as they navigate this time. The remaining Cd's are for the child. Though Dobson does not use alot of modern lingo his messages are direct, to the point, and honest. Each one is based on a subject that is of interest to the child. I thought it was excellent. I highly recommend it to parents. If nothing else it will help you to stay engaged with your child at a time when most children seem to be pulling away. The other benefit it that Dobson can address issues to your child that they may be reluctant to bring up with you or to embarrassed to ask about or afraid to admit that certain things are bothering them. This allows you to approach a subject without being nagging or nosy - they will feel their boundaries are still intact. Wonderful parenting resource!
Thank you GospelLight/Regal for the review copies.

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