Monday, April 18, 2011

Daddy Dates, Greg Wright

I agreed to review this book so my husband would have it to read.

However, I found that I really enjoyed this honest narration of this fathers quest to capture his daughters hearts. In all honesty I found myself laughing out loud at this author's honest take on life. This is not a book of formulas to be the best dad but rather an open, transparent narrative of this father's journey. As a father of four daughters Greg Wright draws on his experiences with them. I had to wonder what they thought of this book. I know that as a parent I can totally relate to some of his stories, as a father I know my husband will be able to relate. What makes this book so great is the style of writing. Since it is not a book of "how to" or a list of "don't do's" and "Do's" but rather more like a conversation with a friend it is easily read and enjoyed. Most father's will be able to relate in some way to this man and will find encouragement as they too seek to capture their daughters hearts. I highly recommend this book to fathers.

Thank you Thomas Nelson (Booksneeze) for this review copy.

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