Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grandma's Attic Series, Arleta Richardson

This is a review of In Grandma's Attic and More Stories from Grandma's Attic.

I loved the way these were written. When the email came for an opportunity to review these I was excited, but I become more excited when I received an email from a friend recommending these.

I am always in search of books that are somewhat "old fashioned", filled with good solid foundational christian values expressed in such a way that children grasp them without even realizing that the core value being instilled is directly from the bible. It is in these real life illustrations that the Word of God is internalized for young children and it is these types of stories that children cherish forever - remembering the lessons taught. These are wonderful stories told from a child's point a view about stories that were told by the grandmother. I liked every one and enjoyed reading them to my children.

If you are looking for a good chapter book, but don't want one filled with negative influence, unruly or rebellious children - this is it! Your child will enjoy the adventures of this young girl as she discovers stories about her grandmother. In the midst of these stories good morals and values are taught. Simple enough to understand and easy for young children to report about. These make excellent additions to a school library, home school library. An excellent way to have children practice reading comprehension as they tell you what the key lesson was - and even more: how they can apply it to their life.

Thank you B&B Communications for these two review copies.

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