Thursday, April 28, 2011

True Courage, Steve Farrar

I was interested in reviewing this book because my husband already owns many of Farrar's books. Expecting this to be aimed mostly at men I set down to read it. I was pleasantly delighted by Farrar's easy writing style. I found that this study of the amazing life of Daniel was easily applicable to men or women. At times I found myself laughing out loud at the author's humorous retelling of stories (and his cute comments about things). In this book Farrar challenges the reader to look closely at what true courage really is. He examines the life of Daniel and the driving force of Daniel's convictions. In the pages of this book one is shown that each of us have the ability to operate in true courage - this begins with recognizing who we serve. The book is comprised of eight chapters that deal with the different characteristics of courage: Courage to stay the course, Acts & Facts (this was one of my favorite chapters), Flummoxed and Flabbergasted, Gold Standard, Lock Stock and Barrel, The Hard Way, A Slight thing, In the Company of Lions. Each chapter is named for the illustrations used to make the point.

After reading this I went to tell my husband how much I enjoyed it - he told me that the others are just as good and women should read them also. So I guess now I will be adding Steve Farrar to my list of authors to read.

It is evident the this author has a heart to reach out to men and to expound on the truth of the Word. I was familiar with many of the sources he sited and was very impressed with all the research that he did.

This is an easy read and would be great for spouses to read together. In these uncertain times it is comforting to read about courage in light of The Word.

Thank you B&B for this review copy.

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